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Sailboat Lines and Ropes

This section offers all the best materials on every brand for the running rigging of your sailboat: halyards, sheets, topping lifts, control lines and much more. Feel free to contact us for recommendations or best price on any line for your boat.

Alpha Ropes Colligo Marine Dynex Dux Line Maffioli Lines & Ropes Marlow Ropes
New England Ropes Samson Ropes Yale Cordage

Sailboat Lines and Ropes at Vela Sailing Supply:

Vela Sailing Supply offers you the best deals and service on running rigging for your sailboat. We work with top quality rope manufacturers to provide you with reliable and functional lines for your sailboat. Whether you use your boat for recreation a couple of weekends a month or are a hardcore racing, we can make the rigging as you need it: halyards, mainsheets, Genoa sheets, Spinnaker sheets and guys, topping list, foreguys and much more! Let us help you rig your sailboat with the best rope and best labor. We are here to help you get the best out of your sailing program.

Visit our rigging services area where you can select the splices and rope finish you need.

Here are some useful definitions that will help you make an informed decision:

• Double Braid Polyester line: is definitively the most popular fiber out there. Extremely durable and easy to splice, is the best choice for cruising sailboats. It will handle medium to high loads of Dacron and Nylon sails at the best price per foot. Common names for this type of lines are: Sta-Set (new England Ropes, LS and XLS (Samson Ropes) and Protland Braid (Yale Cordage).

Ideal uses:
- Main and Jib halyards on cruising and daysailing sailboats.
- Spinnaker halyards.
- Mainsheet. - Genoa sheet.
- Topping lifts.
- Cunningham.
- Boomvang tackles.
- Traveler control lines.

Note: double braid Polyester lines must not be stripped.

• Double Braid Dyneema line: also known as Spectra, it is a high tech line. Core is Dyneema SK75 and a 24 plait Polyester cover. Is a extremely low stretch line, very good for shock absorption. The 12-Strand core is highly UV and moist resistant. The Polyester jacket offers durability and chafe protection on rope clutches, cam cleats, clam cleats and any other rope holding device. Common names for Dyneema Double Braid lines are: Endura Braid (New England Ropes), Maxibraid (Yale Cordage), Warpspeed (Samson Ropes), Dyneema SK75 with PC or Poly Cover (Gottifredi-Maffioli).

Ideal uses:
- Main halyards.
- Genoa halyards.
- Spinnaker halyards. - Spinnaker sheets.
- Spinnaker guys. - Spinnaker tacklines.
- Genoa sheets.
- Any low stretch application.

Note: Double braid Dyneema lines can be stripped.

• Double Braid Vectran line: this line is the racing halyard by excellence. A 100% braided Vectran core offer extremely high strength, ultra low stretch and no creep. It is a static line by default. he Polyester jacket offers durability and chafe protection on rope clutches, cam cleats, clam cleats and any other rope holding device. Double braid Vectran lines can be stripped, but we do not encourage leaving them exposed as UV can accelerate the core degradation.

Ideal uses:
- Main halyards.
- Genoa halyards.
- Afterguys.
- Guys

• Single Braid Dyneema SK75: ultra light, ultra strong, does not absorb water, floats, UV resistant and very easy to splice, the Dyneema SK75 single braid comes as a 12-Strand line ready to be installed on all sort of high load applications. Make sure not to use this line on cam cleats, clam cleats, winches or rope clutches, as it will be very slippery and may come "uncleated" or just slip through the cam or jammer. Common names for single braid Dyneema SK75 are: Endura 12 (new England Ropes), STS-12-75 (New England Ropes), Amsteel (Samson Roeps), Ultrex (Yale Cordage), DSK75 Ultra (Gottifredi-Maffioli).

Ideal uses:
- Cascade lines.
- Vang systems.
- Backstays. - Spinnaker strops.
- Internal outhaul purchases.
- Halyard ( a jacket must be added to the area that goes through the rope clutch).

Looking for Sailboat Lines and Ropes? You have found the right source for the best parts for your sailboat. Vela Sailing Supply carries all sorts of lines and ropes for the running rigging of virtually any sailboat. Lines for cruising sailboats, racing sailboats, windsurfing, kitesurfing and much more applications and much more of the best brands in the industry such as New England Ropes, Samson Ropes, Yale Cordage, Marlow Ropes, Maffioli, Harken, Ronstan, Lewmar, Schaefer, Antal, KArver, Wichard and many more that offer you the best solution for your sailing needs. Welcome and let us help you!

Vela Sailing Supply is your source for sailboat rigging.