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If you like speed, you probably sail in a Multihull. This sailboat is not exclusively for the racecourse. Light slender hulls have much less resistance, and are less limited by wave drag than monohulls. A wide beam provides the stability, since they don’t have ballast, they can achieve the same stability with a considerably lighter displacement.

Regardless if you have a Cruising Multihull or a Racing Multihull we can help you to sail fast!

Sailboat Parts for Cruising Multihulls Sailboat Parts for Racing Multihulls

Looking for Multihull sailboat components? You have found the right source of the best parts and accessories to fit you sailing needs. Vela Sailing Supply carries all sort of deck hardware, spinnaker and code zero Furlers, bow sprit kits, mainsail luff systems, spinnaker sousing socks and much more of the best brands in the industry sucha as, CDI, Das One Touch, Facnor, Forespar, Harken, Ronstan, Tides Marine Spinlock and many more that offer you the best solution for your sailng needs. Welcome and let us help you!

Hardware & rigging for multihulls at Vela Sailing Supply