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Whisker Poles

Whisker poles are used to "wing out" the jib when sailing downwind. Sailors who have experienced downwind sailing without one can appreciate the value of being able to stabilize the jib, enabling the sail to work more efficiently.

Forespar* manufactures the finest and most complete line of Whisker Poles in the world. All Whisker Poles are constructed of high strength anodized aluminum tubing, and both telescoping and fixed-length models are available. Two styles of telescoping poles are offered—the Twist-Lock style and the Line-Control style.

Where wind conditions tend to be gusty, the double latch option is recommended to avoid accidental detachment of the sheet from the pole end (Twist-Lock style poles).

Forespar Whisker Poles

Need assistance or technical support with Wisker Poles? You have found the right source for the best parts for your sailboat. Vela Sailing Supply carries all sorts of Wisker Poles and much more of the best brands in the industry such as Forespar, Forte Carbon, Sparcraft, Selden and Hull Spars and many more that offer you the best solution for your sailing needs. Welcome and let us help you!

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