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Technical Support

We use the gear we sell!

Everything we sell and recommend, has been tested or seen in action.

Yes, some of us like it blue, some others red. Jackets or smocks. Sailing pants or padded shorts. There is nothing written about sailing fashion, but we do know what we sell because we use it! Talk to us. Let us know what type of sailing you are doing, where you are going and on what type of sailboat. We will share our knowledge and experience with you. You will, then, be able to make an informed decision, even if you don't place an order because after our conversation you realized that you already have the gear you need. We want to make sure that everyone who contacts Vela Sailing Supply will experience the best technical support with concrete and practical solutions for any sailing need, either for your sailboat or your crew.

Feel free to contact us and get to know the people behind the screen.

Go sailing…sail hard!

The Vela Team.

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Atlantis Foul Weather Gear Sailing Clothing Harken Sailing Apparel Ronstan Sailing Apparel Sailing Angles Clothing  

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