Colligo Marine 7 mm Infinite Loupe, 6" (150mm) Dia.

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1.20 LBS
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Manufacturer part #: CSSL7-150

SWF Vertical Geometry1500 lb682 kg
SWF Basket Geometry3000 lb1364 kg
SWF Choker Geometry1200 lb545 kg
Weight0.42 oz12 gr
Note: Breaking strength is 4 times the safe working load.

Manufacturer part #: CSSL7-150

Extremely lightweight and strong, and professionally assembled; use the Infinite Loupes for connecting hardware, in place of heavy shackles.

For protecting hardware, will not damage it like steel shackles; use also for silent operation, will not rattle or bang on mast or boom. Fully inspectable, these loops will last a long time and you will know when it is time to change them out.