Marlow 8 Plait MATT 6mm White

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Manufacturer part #: 8 Plait Matt

Material: Twisted polyester core | 8 plait matt polyester cover.

Diameter Average Breaking Load Weight
Metriclbkgkg / 100 m
4 mm645 lb293 kg1.3 kg
6 mm1212 lb550 kg2.5 kg
8 mm1960 lb889 kg4 kg
Manufacturer part #: 8 Plait Matt

  • Distinctive colours, makes for easy line identification while racing
  • Twisted polyester core reduces stretch for an economic price
  • Soft matt feel to rope, makes comfortable handling
  • Rope holds in cleats well making it ideal for halyards and control lines
  • Multiple use line
  • Aplications
    Sheets & Control lines.