Plastimo Water Tank 13g

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Plastimo Water Tank 13g - 50L (P18031).

High resistance flexible water tanks : a reliable, practical and low cost solution to the storage of fresh water on board. They are flexible, light and form-fitting, and can therefore be installed where it would not be possible to install a rigid water tank, due to the shape of the boat or difficult access.

The double envelope principle (food-compatible PVC water chamber) makes maintenance easy : the inner chamber can be easily removed from the outer envelope for routine cleaning and examination. Water tanks are supplied complete, ready to install, with Ø 38 mm inlet fitting and Ø 12 mm outlet valves.

  • Ø 38 mm inlet valve is situated on upper side of tank 
  • Ø 12 mm outlet valve is situated on back side of tank (except on triangular model : inlet and outlet are both on upper side of tank).
  • Height of tanks, when filled to capacity : 25 cm.
  • 75 x 75 cm.