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Lines & Rigging

Is important to check your rigging at least twice each season. Before and after the season are good moments to do this inspection.
This is a never-ending duty and it will be different on each situation, whether you leave your sailboat boat in the water, haul out between seasons or trailer your it in and out of the water with each adventure. Is important to look for danger signals that may damage your rigging or affect your performance as a sailor.

All detected damages like chafed lines or sails, or fraying wire ropes should be repaired or replaced before the next voyage. Is important to kip some spare parts with the boat for the rigging, turnbuckle parts, cotter keys and clevis pins are good items to have at any time.

Safety note: DO NOT rely on splices and/or shackles to hoist yourself or any other person up the rig. Tying a well executed knot and use a secondary safety line is mandatory. The splices done on rope are intended for sail controls only.

Vela Sailing Supply is not liable for any injury, damage or death generated by failure of any of the rigging labors.

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