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Splices & Rope Finishes

Nautical rope must be able to withstand the elements, including moisture, the sun's rays and in some cases, salt or even freezing rain. Sailboat lines made from durable, high-quality materials can help ensure greater satisfaction, whether the voyage is a pleasure cruise or a highly competitive race.

That's why we sell carefully-selected sailboat sheets featuring trusted braiding or weaving techniques. For example, double-braid polyester line is an excellent choice for jib, spinnaker and main halyards, while Spectra is typically preferred for sailboat sheets. Spectra, sometimes referred to as double-braid Dyneema, also makes a great halyard rope. Single-braid Dyneema works well for outhaul purchases, cascade lines and backstays.

The type of sailing you're planning also affects the choice of rope. For example, for day sailing, double-braid polyester should be adequate for most boats. However, for racing, double-braid Vectran is often preferred due to its minimal stretch and high strength. Single-braid Dyneema is not considered the best choice for cleats as it can become slippery and fail in its assigned task - which means you might want to put this one away during races.

Safety note: DO NOT rely on splices and/or shackles to hoist yourself or any other person up the rig. Tying a well executed knot and use a secondary safety line is mandatory. The splices done on rope are intended for sail controls only.

Vela Sailing Supply is not liable for any injury, damage or death generated by failure of any of the rigging labors.

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