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Stay Tuned with Vela!

The VX Evo taking over the US...starting with Texas!

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Vela Sailing Supply & VX Raceboats

Vela Sailing Supply has been appointed the exclusive VX Evo distributor for the Americas and VX One distributors West of the Mississippi and working together with the Sailing , Inc. to fully support the VX One nationwide.

We will be carrying boats, sails, parts, rigging and accessories in stock and we are not wasting anytime to bring these little rockets to the USA!

VX Evo: the ultimate singlehanded sportboat.

Simple to rig, fast through the water and simply nice to look at, the VX Evo is here to stay! Oh, and to stay competitive: NO DIET REQUIRED!

We are glad to share our excitement as we are about to receive our initial inventory of boats arriving to Texan shores on December 21st from Ovington Boats (England) and a VX One from MacKay Sailboats (New Zealand) arriving in Mid January!

Only the best, only VX!

To learn more about and order any VX Race Boats, visit our fully dedicated areas:

VX Evo or VX One

Racing in paradise: Offshore Sailing School in the BVI's

ela Sailing Supply is glad to announce and share a unique opportunity to improve your racing skills in one of the most beautiful sailing venues in the world: “GO FOR THE GOLD” RACING CLINIC" In the Glorious British Virgin Islands at Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, December 4-9, 2016 Led by National Sailing [...]

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Carbon it time to hybrid-it?

Carbon fiber: great for everything but impact resistanceModern airplane designs make extensive use of carbon fiber composites in the fuselage and wings. Carbon fiber is strong yet light. But it’s not so good at withstanding impacts. Instead of yielding when hit, carbon fiber bends and then shatters. This means it is not so good for [...]

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How to measure standing rigging on your sailboat.

There are five critical dimensions that are needed to spec out and build a shroud or stay on any sailboat:- Pin to pin or bearing point to pin length.- Diameter of the cable.- Diameter of upper and lower pins.- Type of upper and lower terminals.- Type of cable (1x19, Compact strand, Dyform, or 7 strand).When [...]

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Harken Air Winch: light gets lighter.

Harken's latest weapon: Air Winch.While this winch has a very specific application (America's Cup mulithulls) shows the endless effort Harken is devoting to the development of lighter, stronger andmore efficient gear for sailboats.Now, where do I put the winch handle again?

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Harken T2 Carbo Blocks

Technology has advanced so rapidly that the standard materials used to tolerate high loads are slowly becoming something of the past. Words such as Dyneema, Spectra, High Modules have been part of the rigger and sailor's argot for over ten years and now more than ever, synthetic fibers are the most common element not only [...]

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Vela Sailing- Your ultimate sailing store!

Welcome, once again to Vela Sailing Supply!We start with our most sincere word of appreciation to YOU, the sailor, friend and customer for all your support throughout all these years.You spoke and we listened...sailing is not all we do!...that is why we have worked (and still do) hard to improve our website platform and [...]

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