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Carbon it time to hybrid-it?

Posted by DSM on Dec 24th 2015

Carbon fiber: great for everything but impact resistanceModern airplane designs make extensive use of carbon fiber composites in the fuselage and wings. Carbon fiber is strong yet light. But it’s not … read more
How to measure standing rigging on your sailboat.

How to measure standing rigging on your sailboat.

Posted by Rod Favela on Nov 28th 2015

There are five critical dimensions that are needed to spec out and build a shroud or stay on any sailboat:- Pin to pin or bearing point to pin length.- Diameter of the cable.- Diameter of upper and lo … read more

Harken Air Winch: light gets lighter.

Nov 20th 2015

Harken's latest weapon: Air Winch.While this winch has a very specific application (America's Cup mulithulls) shows the endless effort Harken is devoting to the development of lighter, stronger andmor … read more