The VX Evo taking over the US...starting with Texas!

Posted by Rod Favela on Dec 8th 2018

Vela Sailing Supply & VX Raceboats

Vela Sailing Supply has been appointed the exclusive VX Evo distributor for the Americas and VX One distributors West of the Mississippi and working together with the Sailing , Inc. to fully support the VX One nationwide.

We will be carrying boats, sails, parts, rigging and accessories in stock and we are not wasting anytime to bring these little rockets to the USA!

VX Evo: the ultimate singlehanded sportboat.

Simple to rig, fast through the water and simply nice to look at, the VX Evo is here to stay! Oh, and to stay competitive: NO DIET REQUIRED!

We are glad to share our excitement as we are about to receive our initial inventory of boats arriving to Texan shores on December 21st from Ovington Boats (England) and a VX One from MacKay Sailboats (New Zealand) arriving in Mid January!

Only the best, only VX!

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