Vela Sailing- Your ultimate sailing store!

Vela Sailing- Your ultimate sailing store!

Posted by Rod Favela on Feb 15th 2014

Welcome, once again to Vela Sailing Supply!

We start with our most sincere word of appreciation to YOU, the sailor, friend and customer for all your support throughout all these years.

You spoke and we listened...sailing is not all we do!

...that is why we have worked (and still do) hard to improve our website platform and making it not only faster but much more user friendly, with a better organization of our more than 18,000 sailing products and gear for your sailboat and crew in order to help you have a great experience once on a timely fashion and sure that you will find what you are looking for your sailboat, rig or your favorite sailor.

We not only provide parts and services, understand your program, from offshore cruising, day sailing at the lake or racing around the buoys, Vela Sailing Supply is here for you, with several support channels: email, chat, video calls from your boat, Skype and even text messages, we are willing to help on every step of your project until the end.

Come on in!! You'll realize that the Vela crew is a warm group of people willing to make it happen. We understand that customer serviced is not a department but rather a philosophy that is vibrant and alive in all the areas of our company.

Among all the brands we carry and represent, from running rigging, sailing gear, blocks, and sailboat hardware in general, we make sure that they final product is not only of top quality but also has a projection of support within the sailing community and the end user. We can proudly say that we support our local sailing teams, schools and sailing Junior Programs, not only in our base in Texas, but also across the US as well as our second branch in Cartagena , Colombia which shows our true commitment of making sailing better, everywhere we go.

Welcome again. It is now time to go sailing ...sail hard!

The crew at Vela Sailing!