Marlow D2 Racing 8mm

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Manufacturer part #: D2 Racing

Material: 12 Strand Dyneema ® SK78 core | 24 plait polyester cover.

DiameterAverage Breaking LoadWeight
Metriclbkgkg / 100 m
8 mm 7687 lb 3487 kg 3.90 kg
10 mm 11816 lb 5360 kg 5.92 kg
12 mm 15300 lb 6940 kg 9.29 kg

Manufacturer part #: D2 Racing

  • Dyneema core is light weight-reduces onboard weight and makes the rope easier to handle
  • Dyneema core is high strength-upgrade polyester halyards by choosing a smaller diameter, achieve further weight savings and handling improvements
  • Marlow Pre-stretched core is standard - results in very low stretch and far fewer rig adjustments when sailing
  • Polyester jacket provides superior performance in clutches and jammers and gives excellent abrasion resistance and greater longevity
  • Easily spliced and tapered for a safer rig and further weight saving

Halyards, Sheets, Guys, Control lines, Out/downhauls, Reefing lines, Runner-tails, Vang, Furlers