Sailboat Running Rigging

Vela Sailing Lines Ropes Halyards

You don't want to have faulty sailboat running rigging. Strong, durable lines are essential for controlling the sails on your boat without risking your own safety, or that of the sails. Our sailboat ropes and lines were designed to withstand any weather condition without fraying, tearing, or catching. When you are ready to trim and hoist your sails, you can rest assured that the sailboat rigging equipment that you purchase from us will provide the smoothest and fastest transitions. From tack to jibe, our sailboat halyards and mainsheets make it easy, durable and always the right choice.

Order our sailboat running rigging lines today for fast, free shipping on qualifying orders, and rig up your boat with the most trusted sailboat riggings around!

Lines by Application*

Lines by Material

  • Polyester
  • Polyester Double Braid
  • Dyneema Single Braid
  • Dyneema Double Braid
  • Vectran Core Double Braid
  • Dyneema Core Double Braid

Our sailboat rigging include mainsail halyards, spinnaker halyards, and Genoa halyards that are made from a double braid polyester line, double braid Dyneema line or Vectran. Our mainsheets are also made from durable double braid polyester and hybrid fibers with blend of Dyneema and Technora. This material has the best reputation in the industry.

* Visit our quick sailboat lines selector by application.