Andersen 58ST Conversion Unit FS Compact Below Deck 24V

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Below Deck, 24V
Stainless Steel
Manufacturer part #: RA2058214200

If you desire the convenience of electric winches but have limited below-deck space or require mast-mounted installation, ANDERSEN Compact Motor™ Electric Winches are the perfect choice. They use their new highly compact variable-speed motor that was developed especially with the size and shape of a winch in mind. With its highly efficient power consumption, impressive line speed and high-load capacity, this small but powerful motor is the perfect power source for difficult winch placement.

An ANDERSEN exclusive, their Compact Electric Winch motor uses non-carbon brush technology to virtually eliminate the wear and tear of traditional electric motor designs. It uses 30-50% less power, yet can be positioned within the diameter of a standard winch mounting footprint for tight space applications.

The ANDERSEN Compact Motor™ Electric Winch is available in two models for either Above Deck or Below Deck motor placement. Extremely easy to install and maintain, it integrates the motor, gears and power control into one compact unit with no extra control box necessary. Cables can be connected directly to the motor base.

As with all ANDERSEN Winches™, their Compact Motor™ Electric Winch features the exclusive stainless steel Power Rib™ drum for maximum power and extended line life. This model also uses their exclusive self-tailing device that automatically accommodates a wide range of different line sizes.
Manufacturer part #: RA2058214200

ANDERSEN Winches feature the Power Rib. Unlike other winches with abrasive or machine cut drum surfaces, ANDERSEN winch drums have vertical ribs running up the surface. This combined with the smooth polished stainless steel gives maximum grip and minimum wear on ropes, reducing the replacements costs of sheets and halyards.

What's more, the Power Rib principle simply makes sailing more pleasurable. Fewer turns on the winch make tacking easier. Sheets can be gently eased out without shuttering and the risks of overrides and jammed sheets are significantly reduced. The grip provided by the ribs will remain the same year after year, unlike many other winches with an abrasive or sandpaper-like surface. Such surfaces have a tendency to wear down both ropes and themselves.

It's all about protecting your investment. With ANDERSEN Winches, this protection is guaranteed, as the drum maintains its grip year after year. Keeping wear and tear to a minimum also helps maintain resale value, and their 3-year warranty and instant service in more than 30 countries worldwide amount to a benchmark standard. Low maintenance is a key - and with ANDERSEN Winches, you can take it for granted. Their winches require less maintenance, since all pawls and springs are captive, and the design of the winch allows you to easily strip it down for service and greasing.

Manufacturer part #: RA2058214200

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