Forespar LC 15-27 UTS-UTR Carbon Whisker Pole

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Manufacturer part #: 800801

DescriptionLC 15-27 UTS-UTR-CF

End Fittings Inboard UTS
Outboard UTR
Recommended Mast Fittings T-125-S
Collapsed Length 182 in 4.6 m
Collapsed Weight 32 lb 8.6 k
Max. Working Length 324 in 8.2 m
Tubing Diameters 3 1/2 in & 4 in 88.9 mm & 101.6 mm

Manufacturer part #: 800801

"Patented" Line Control™ Whisker Poles
Line Control™ is a proven concept in telescoping whisker pole design. So unique, that full patent protection has been secured. Line Control™ is only available on Forespar® whisker poles. See the chart below for pole lengths and tube sizes.

The system is simple, and makes the extension and retraction of poles quick and easy. And most amazing of all...the entire operation can be executed while being positioned at the mast. It is no longer necessary to go forward to adjust buttons of any kind - simply uncleat the line and extend or retract (never attempt to adjust while under load). It's quick and easy even with the largest poles.

Topping lift attachment points are on all poles. Attachment to outer end is with end fittings jaw facing down.

Used for non-spinnaker class racing and short-handed cruising, or whenever downwind performance is desired without the use of conventional spinnakers; a Whisker Pole properly sized and deployed will allow the headsail to add considerable power and speed to downwind sailing.

Without a whisker pole, the headsail will flop from side to side, limp and useless; therefor telescoping whisker poles allow one pole to be used with furling headsails or multiple sized jibs and genoas on a given boat. By projecting the headsail out to weather and out of the mainsail's "wind shadow", the headsail can fill and stabilize.

The use of a whisker pole to hold out the clew of the asymmetrical sail will stabilize the sail in the same way as it does a genoa and allow better performance and an increased "sailing angle" with these sails.

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