Melges 15 Complete Sailboat

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• New Boat Package includes a fully rigged Melges 15 with Main, Jib , Spinnaker and rigged for Spinnaker Sailing.

Melges 15

Designed by the legendary firm Reichel-Pugh and built by Melges Boatworks, in Zenda, Wisconsin, the Melges 15 feature the best balance between technical and fun sailing. Aimed to couples, sibling and family sailing, the simplicity and rewarding experience has almost no match at a very affordable price. Melges Boatworks explains the advantages as follows:

Ergonomic Cockpit

The Melges 15 features an ergonomic platform and a broader weight range for competitive racing. Melges conducted extensive research and product testing to produce this layout factoring in cockpit depth, backbone height, and floor plan. The result is a comfortable environment for both the skipper and crew. The deeper cockpit takes the load off the sailor’s knees and helps them feel more locked into the boat. Creating a boat that adults can feel comfortable while sailing was a key design factor in the hull and cockpit design of the Melges 15.

Performance & Stability

With the main design goals focused on stability and performance in a variety of conditions, the Melges 15 features a narrow overall beam and a flat cross-section shape for stability, righting moment, and ease of planing. For a more forgiving feel upwind and to navigate larger sea states, the Melges 15 has just the right amount of fore and aft rocker.


Spinnaker System – The asymmetric spinnaker offers an additional performance element while the single-pull launch and retrieval system makes handling the sail easy and fast. One line pulls the halyard up, bowsprit out, and tack line out. To take the kite down, simply release the pull-up line and pull the douser line to take the kite back down again. The kite douses into a bag located in the front of the cockpit.

Cockpit Layout

Every aspect of the deck hardware has been designed for simplicity and ease of use. With blocks and cleats situated in easy-to-grab locations making it easier on the skipper and crew to maneuver the boat.

Gnav Vang

The Gnav vang system gives the crew substantially more space to maneuver in the cockpit

Tapered Aluminum Mast 

The Melges 15 mast features a tapered mast tip allowing for maximum depowering when the breeze is up. The stiffer bottom of the mast combined with the softer mast tip allows the M15 to be sailed competitively by a wider range of weights in both light and heavy air.

Aluminum Foils

Aluminum foils maximize performance and durability in one package. Consistent foil shape helps ensure fair racing across the class while being extremely durable.

Flip-up Rudder

Never has been getting your rudder up been so easy. No need to get wet, no lines to pull, just pop the tiller up and pull it forward, this action pulls the rudder into its flipped up position.

Club Sailing or Racing

Transitioning from a non-spinnaker to a spinnaker platform is quick and easy. Set the bowsprit and spin back in the boat and you are ready to go. This is a great feature for clubs who want to teach during the day and race at night.

Closed Transom

Comfort and safety were at the forefront of this design. Closing the transom of the Melges 15 has eliminated the need for a false floor, allowing for a deeper more comfortable cockpit. Any water that enters the easily drains out of the scupper holes in the transom and the bailors in the cockpit.

LENGTH 15 ft 4.572 m
BEAM 5 ft 6 in 1.675 m
DRAFT 2 ft 7 in 0.8 m
HULL WEIGHT 230 lbs 104 kgs
MAIN  93.6 sq ft  8.7 m2
JIB  39.8 sq ft  3.7 m2
ASYMMETRICAL SPINNAKER  156 sq ft  14.5 m2