Optimum Time OS Series 3 Sailing Watch, Blue

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Optimum Time OS Series 3 Sailing Watch

The original and iconic big yellow timer is still the top choice for competitors around the world today. If you need a robust timer, with an easy-to-read display, and exceptional sailing functionality, then this is the one for you. The OS3 can be strapped to a mast or comfortably worn over your sailing kit. The face rotates to give you the best viewing angle and the big buttons mean you won´t be left fumbling when the race is about to begin. The OS3 also features our essential sync button, which synchronises your countdown to the race control timer, ensuring you won´t miss the gun.


• 65mm diameter ABS case

• 38mm x 20mm display

• 26mm diameter display size

• Single row display with 16mm digit height

• Adjustable viewing angle

• Boom/mast mount bracket supplied

• Adjustable elasticated strap

• Water-resistant to 5 ATM

• Shock Resistant Construction

• Electro-luminescent backlight feature


• Normal timekeeping mode (12 or 24 Hours)

• Pre-programmed 5,4,1,0 ISAF start sequences or 5 min, 3 min, and 1 min programs with audible alarms (can be silenced if preferred)

• Countdown & repeat or countdown and up

• Sync button for instant synchronisation if a gun is missed

• Count-up from zero