Schaefer 10/11-Series Stand-up Adapter

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Manufacturer part #: 78-49

Description10 Series Stand-up Adapter
Lenght1 1/2 in38 mm
Width 1 5/32 in29 mm
Height 3 9/32in83 mm
Weight4 oz113 kg

Manufacturer part #: 78-49

Schaefer's 1-1/2 in Traveler Systems feature stainless steel ball bearings in captive wheels that distribute loads to a rolling surface for minimal frictional resistance. Offered in a variety of track lengths, cars, control blocks and adapters; Schaefer offers you the flexibility to match your needs. (72-78-PK Traveler kit shown)

Schaefer's 1-1/2 in Traveler™ Track is hardcoat anodized black with Teflon™ impregnation to reduce friction and wear. Available for boats between 30'  – 50'. Uses 1/4 in (6 mm) fasteners on 2 in (51 mm) hole centers , countersunk to serve as optional stop pin holes.