Tacking Master Sailing Tools

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Manufacturer part #: TackingMaster

TackingMaster™ is an indispensable tool for anyone sailing tactically with a compass - in a dinghy, small keelboats or on larger yachts.

The idea to TackingMaster was conceived and developed with the desire to create a simple way to make the tactical game in racing more foreseeable. TackingMaster creators are sailors and have built the functionalities of the TackingMaster with some of the best sailors in the world.

The inspiration comes from the "tactic dish" but with the ambition to be able to wear it - and simultaneously make it more manageable.

  • Step 1 Reset wind dial
  • Step 2 Untighten lock ring
  • Step 3 Set the wind direction for compass ring
  • Step 4 Set windward mark bearing on mark ring
  • Step 5 Tighten lock ring

TackingMaster is nominated to 2015 Yachts & Yachting Awards in the category: EQUIPMENT INNOVATION