Vakaros Wireless Sailing Instrument Bundle

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Vakaros Wireless Sailing Instrument Bundle

The ULTIMATE trio for wireless instrumentation for a wide range of boats. We know the hassle of stringing wires through your hull. The Atlas 2 connects wirelessly to our Ultrasonic Anemometer and the Airmar DST-810 Transducer to allow for a fully wireless readout of all the data you need to sail where you want, when you want to.


 The range of data you can display on your Atlas 2 with this setup includes:

GPS: SOG, COG, Start Pings

COMPASS: Magnetic heading

WIND: AWA/AWS, (TWA/TWS coming soon!)

WATER: Speed-through-water, Water temperature, depth

ATTITUDE: Heel, trim

CLOCK: GPS time, time-to-start, time-to-burn, time-to-line

The Atlas 2 also integrates its LED array to a number of these features allowing for customizable alarms and readouts with visual feedback. 


(1) Atlas 2 Instrument

(1) DST-810 Transducer

(1) Ultrasonic Anemometer